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God vs. Tests | Beasy Baybie | The Hilltop Glove Podcast | Episode #7

March 16, 2021 Beasy Baybie Episode 7
The Hilltop Glove Podcast
God vs. Tests | Beasy Baybie | The Hilltop Glove Podcast | Episode #7
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Skip and DJ And ? interview guest Beasy Baybie. Beasy is a radio personality, motivational speaker, actress, host, and author. She is currently working on following projects (Kool Kamp Podcast, Conv;cted: The Beasy Baybie Story, and etc.). Topics covered:  current projects, lifestyle changes, COVID-19, the importance of faith, goal setting, and community involvement. Make sure to subscribe to us on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. Also follow us on Instagram and Facebook @hilltopglove.





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[00:00:00] Good morning. Good morning. Happy Saturday. And welcome to this episode of the Hilltop glove podcast. I am your host DJ, and what, what my cohost and brothers skip. And Mike, this is our seventh episode with our super inspirational guests, Brandy handsaw, AKA BZ, baby BZ. Baby is a radio and TV personality, motivational speaker, voiceover artists, actress, author host, and much, much more than that.
Again, I want to say good morning to BZ, baby. How has your year been thus far? If you could just catch us up to what you've been doing. Good morning. I mean, it's been, it's been like everybody else's got a slow Mo been unemployed, so it's been different. I've I'm used to running, you know, like even when I was, even when I was born in illegally, I was kinda up early in the morning and late at night, I was just always moving and going after it.
So it's definitely been different to say the least to have to this is my season of be [00:01:00] still. And that doesn't mean like, not moving. It just means moving a whole lot differently. So that's been a different thing for me, just having to sit down like my, my stepdad would say, sit yo ass down. And that that's so I've, I've had to sit, sit myself.
But outside of that, you know, I'm blessed to be here cause there's so many people that just didn't survive this year. So no, my year has changed. It's still a blessing just to be in the number. So yeah, that's that? Well, the reason why I asked that is because of course, a lot of our followers, they know you from your radio work here locally and in Columbia, South Carolina as we all know, you've been, you were here on a hot 90, a hot one Oh 3.9 or 93.9 up until February of last year.
When you quit your job to pursue your own dreams. Cause you tell us about that decision and what empowered you to make that leap. And, and of course, because of that, a lot of that stuff, the follow-up would be, how did COVID affects your decision that you [00:02:00] made then? And that time afterwards going into the rest of the year?
Well, radio is a part of my dream, so I didn't quit the station to pursue my dreams. Radio is a part of my dream. I didn't even, yeah, I didn't quit the station because I didn't like radio anymore. I absolutely loved radio. I absolutely loved my job. I loved Columbia, you know, I like lovable. I love the whole thing.
There was nothing about it that maybe with the exception of who I was working for. There were some changes at the station and those changes were making me very uncomfortable and mentally stressed mentally and emotionally unwell. And I begin to pray on those situations like, okay, God, I don't know.
You know, sometimes it's difficult to see is God using a situation to strengthen you, to help build character, to develop you into who you need to be to manifest the rest of your promise, or is God saying I'm making you uncomfortable? Cause I want you to move. And the only way you'll move is if I make you uncomfortable.
So, because I was in that season, I just kept praying and it was a good, like [00:03:00] eight months of just kind of dealing with him, pushing through. I would literally get like super anxious, just pulling into the parking lot. Like I lie to you not, I suffer from anxiety just generally. And PTSD is from, you know, my prior life, but I never had to experience that in my new life, you know, in my better life in my I'm doing everything right life.
So very different. And I had to decide, you know, do I want this job so much that I'm willing to jeopardize my mental and emotional wellness? Do I want to serve my community, you know, through radio so much that I'm sacrificing myself and I would have like real talk. I, you know, I'm that person that I would sacrifice myself for the betterment of the whole, but as I continued to go to God and, and I'd say that the first week of February, he showed me that I no longer had to do that.
And that it was time for that chapter to close. And I didn't know what the next chapter was like. He was showing me in [00:04:00] dreams and I have a whole podcast episode myself on it, but just the, the moral of the story was every time that I prayed, he gave me a different sign. That led me to the door. And the final, the final thing was I had had a meeting with My supervisors and gone back into the studio.
And I was literally praying, like, you know, hip hop music was playing in the background and I was like four minutes away from a break. And I was standing there behind the equipment praying. And I was like, God, you gotta tell me what to do. Cause I'm not gonna make it like, you know, me, you know, my threshold.
And I'm about to come bust in here. So if, if you want me to push through, I'm gonna push through because I know that my strength lies in you, you know? So I just keep moving forward every day. But if you telling me to go, I just need one last son, you know, like make something happen that I can't, you know, make it so big.
And then I know, okay, God is saying you don't want to, as I'm praying, like, I mean, simultaneously [00:05:00] the studio door busts open and this little white lady that worked in the on the business side of the station is standing there. And like, we didn't have a friendship, you know, we worked together, but we weren't like friends, you know?
So I thought she wanted something for work. So I said, Hey, what's up? And she was like, is everything okay? And I said, well, yeah, why what's up? You know? Cause I'm not gonna put her down in my personal life. So I'm just going through the motions, like, yeah, everything's straight what's up. And she said, well, you know, I just overheard your boss on the phone with someone in corporate selling them that he's got to figure out a way to fire you.
And I was like, well, yeah. So anyway, she went on with the conversation and everything she had heard and I was like, well, that's it. Because one thing that, one thing about me is I'm not perfect, but in everything that I do, I try to make sure that I'm representing God. Right. That doesn't mean I will, but I'm going to try to.
[00:06:00] Yeah. So when you tell me that you're going to try to put something together to make my integrity be questionable. That's a problem for me. When I spent, you know, I got out of jail in July of 2010. So I spent the last 10 years working to turn that around, you know, to show people that they could trust me to kind of X out the felon it's on the paperwork.
So it's no way, you know, God knew that I wasn't going to let him do that to me or to God, because if I'm representing God, then you make us both look bad. Well, whatever you got to make up. So that was the last straw.
Hmm. So, so, so, all right, so that was February what? The sixth? Yeah, actually I think I quit. I don't know if I quit on the fifth of the six. I quit one day and my general manager was like, Not pleased with the fact that I wanted to quit. So he was trying to, you know, attempt to get me to stay. And I told him what the conditions had to be, you know, like I don't even know that I can stay at this point.
Cause like Brahm tapped out. My [00:07:00] mental health is like I'm depleted and you don't know how, first of all, I'm unwell, like I'm telling you now y'all y'all have drained me to the point where I'm unwell. And if I stay in these conditions, knowing that the abuse quote unquote will continue, what's going to happen then whose faults are going to be if I snap.
So I'm going to go ahead and spare us all because I know what I look like when I snap. I know who the old me used to be. You don't know that, but only thing is going to happen is it's going to be convicted. Felon BZ, baby does dah, dah, dah, not all the stuff that happened that led up to this. So I'm a go ahead.
Right. You'd be a straight up no seriously, because that's exactly how it ended. But like you said, with your faith and your focus and God, that was not allowed to happen, that was not allowed to happen in that situation.
When I quit COVID had, there was no COVID yet. Like I quit. [00:08:00] And in my mind, this is how God works. It's so, I mean, I, and I got to share this because it's part of how God works. I quit on February 6th. I immediately thought since I'm trusting God and I'm listening to his voice. When I get home, somebody is going to call me with a job.
I just knew that was going to happen. So I got home and I had a lot, the phone was ringing. I was getting calls from the North and East. Like people were calling like, yo, you quit. I think I got a job coming up for you just stay put, you know, I'm gonna work some things out. Like the phone was ringing. So I just knew maybe I might, in my mind, I was like, I'm gonna have a week or two off, a little vacation, but I'm gonna get, I'm gonna get back to work ASAP.
Next thing you know, COVID came. And that was like, within that period, COVID pops up in China. And the next thing you know, somebody over here had it, the whole radio industry shut down. Not only were they not hiring people, but they were firing [00:09:00] people. So I'm like, Oh man, there goes my job. You know, like I don't, I'm not going to be able to get another job when people are fighting to save their jobs just to remain
right. And up to that point, I hadn't like I didn't have income. I had, you know, like whatever I had my little last checks or whatever, but I didn't, I didn't have a plan. I was just trusting God and choosing me, you know, and making a decision based on those things. So one day, a friend of mine called and was like, did you file for unemployment?
And I said, nah, cause I quit, quit your job and then file for unemployment. And she was like, well, I think it might be different for you because you didn't want to quit. Like you were kind of bullied out the door. And I was like, so I prayed on it. And I was like, you know what, I'm going to apply. And if I get it, I get it.
If I don't, I don't, but I'm not going to do nothing crazy to get, you know, like I'm not going to lie on nothing. [00:10:00] I'm just going to fill the paperwork out. So I filled it out and then they denied me because they said I quit my job. So they said, did you quit? We were on a little questionnaire. I said, did you quit with good reason?
So I say yes. So we had an appeal. So the appeal hearing was the opportunity for me to say, why quit? And for the company to say that didn't happen, you know, or whatever. So at the hearing I show up, nobody shows up to represent the company. Lord Jesus. Yes. So they said they sent a subpoena several times to the company and nobody ever responded to any of them.
So I won the appeal. So this whole time I've been able to get unemployment and to be able to provide, you know, for my family. And this was nothing that was thought of in the beginning, you know, like this, I didn't quit my job thinking I'm gonna be able to get unemployment. I didn't. Yeah. Cause I was about to ask you like how, how, like your [00:11:00] plans, they were immediately changed by what was going on with COVID.
So like, did you, you didn't have any backup. We didn't know what was going on. I was about to ask you, how did you make that work? How did you adapt. That was it. I mean, I didn't have a plan, but that's how God works. Like sometimes. So I had a vision one day where God was showing me, I don't know who it was in the Bible.
I can't remember. And I don't want to misquote the Bible. So I'm gonna just give you the story. So in the Bible, someone was directed to walk to the river and they were afraid that they shouldn't be following God's word to walk towards as a, because river was deep. And they like, basically what's the point of well to the river when I came across it, because I can't get in that water and survive and God was telling them, let's walk to the, once you get to the river, you will see that you don't have anything to worry about.
Just get there, follow my voice. So they walked to the river and when their feet got close to the river, the river dried up. [00:12:00] So I think that's how God works in my life. And I think that's how he works. A lot of times for us, he's not going to show us the whole thing, because if he does, then what do we need faith for?
I think he gives us walk to the river and then you get to the river and the river is dry. And then the next step is crossed the river and you might have to cross the river and you hear what the next step is. So I think for me, it was just quit the job, you know, and I had to just quit and just trust him that everything will be okay once I did it, I didn't know what the plan was.
I really didn't know if everything would be okay. Like I had had these situations before. So I trusted that. No matter what I be good, like what's the worst that can happen. I die. What happens when you die? You go to heaven. So it really a bad,
like what's the worst that can happen. And the truth is he met me at every step. Like even still, now he's met me at every step I've gone without lucky. And it, I mean, the worst thing about all of this is just, I've had to be [00:13:00] a little more still. My EDD has said in a couple of times, but you all dealing with that?
You know? Yes. I mean, speaking of which, because, like I said, you you're used to being out and on the go and doing things. Have you been able to push along or get any of the things that you were working on a pre COVID done or have you created any new endeavors or things out there that people can see and hear what you're doing?
Like have you gone back to the radio sense? No, I have not. No, I have not. I've done, I've written a book, so I've published my entire oral autobiography during the season. So that's out. I've done some,
I'm sorry, what's the name of that autobiography again, please convicted. Yeah. Convicted the BZ baby story.
Yeah. So that's I've done that. I've done some podcasting on my own. I have a podcast with cool [00:14:00] camp and I've gotten into some acting. But for the most part, just, you know, kind of looking from where they're, you know, of course different jobs have opened, but usually in radio when jobs open people kind of know what they looking at for next.
So it's usually somebody of in the in the company already, so that, but there haven't been too many opportunities, honestly, they, for the most part, I've just been kind of rebuilding and you know, it's, it's been tough, not just with the like, Me quit. My job was, it was a big deal, right. But in the grand scheme of things, like we're in the middle of pandemic, so it's not as big a deal as the other stuff going on in the world has been really just staying healthy, you know, making sure I remember to take my vitamins every day, making sure I'm watching my staying out the way that is very true.
You're not lying. I think that's a, and that's the thing too, because of our podcast is about adulting [00:15:00] and learning how to deal with difficult times difficult situations, but also still to be a productive member of our society and help the community and whatnot. So especially going through this, this COVID situation that we've been in, everybody's been affected in a sense that they have to be.
Actively participate in, in being something hopefully positive to what's going on because there's not a lot of good in the situation that we're in. So, I mean, from that, are you, you had a lot of community involvement and interactions. Have you been able to work or be involved with the community at all?
Anything that's going on currently?  Well, I do a Thanksgiving drive every year. So this year we still did that just because it was easy for us to, it was easy for us to still give people  the things that they needed without actually having to engage too long. Normally, you know, people come into a building, they get their things, they leave back out this year.
[00:16:00] We had to change it a little. So we did a drive-through. Where people just kind of pulled up and you kind of cause turkeys and boxes of vegetables and mashed potatoes into the window, you know, up and got away real quick. So we were able to help in that way. I've done some work with the prison through this system.
So, you know, I have a heart for the underserved and I think that the prison community is definitely an underserved community. So I've done some work, just gathering like sneakers and shoes. A lot of time was when women leave the prison and come home, they have nothing. And as odd as it sounds, you would think women would have more help, but the community has kind of created assistance for men more than women.
And I think that's just because there probably are more men inmates, you know, than there are women. So my, my work has been centered around trying to help the women. So I've been taking bags of clothing and shoes. Like every time someone donates it to me, I've been holding on to it. And then I take large [00:17:00] halls up to the prison for their pre-release program, so that as women are released, they have some items, you know, to kind of take home with them hygiene products.
So we've done that. Usually there's a Christmas give back every year where we actually have Christmas dinner with the less fortunate and they are allowed to go shopping. So there's clothing and hygiene items and stuff like that. And then we all eat dinner together this year. We kind of had to cancel that because there was just no way to safely do it.
So hopefully we'll be able to pick that up again next year. So are you looking forward to anything else going on in the future? Like I know one of the things that's making me happy about what I've been hearing in the news is that whether for good or not, we'll see what it looks like. With everybody actually receiving them, then moving along with the phases, phases phases of the vaccination program, rather we're actually look like we'll be able to open up something soon.
And I think get to like 250 people into one location at a time I'm still using mass, but at least you'll be able to have people [00:18:00] gathered. If we start seeing that, do you think some things will open up per se in the community? Things that we could be involved with? Things that people could be out doing that are positive?
I think that, you know, if I'm not mistaken, it looks like the governor of South Carolina just lifted mass mandates and dropped, you know, mask requirements at restaurants and government buildings. So if I had to guess, I would say South Carolina is probably going to be one of the first. The bus it wide open
mic mess. It all look like he got any worries. So I do think that things will get back to what appears to be normal, quote unquote, but I think there will be extra concerns for awhile. You know, it's gonna, there, there will be a time before everybody can be vaccinated, you know, that's going to take time and I think we're going to open up before that happens.
So, you know, it's going to be [00:19:00] what would be a time to go through prior to things, getting back to quote unquote normal. And I don't know if they'll ever be completely normal again, because we've experienced this thing now. Like in our lives, we never had like this go down. I think now we understand, like we're not invincible.
Wow. America can go through these types of things before that. I think our ego was super inflated. Like we thought pandemics for third world country issues, not it's like, it's a real issue and we need to make sure we have real leadership because when we don't, you know, we weren't to circumstances such as these, that affect us for years to come, you might lie.
And it seems to like the the, the current situation that we're going through has put us in a situation where we had to actually revalue things around us. And I could see a lot of that in, in your journey that you've had to revalue things and put importance on, on things that at first, you know, we used to take a back burner.
[00:20:00] Could do, do you have any opinion on that, on that thought, and are there certain things that you've had to bring to the forefront and other things that you've pushed on the back burner during this, during this COVID situation? I think that generally speaking, I've kind of had the same mindset since I came home from prison.
Wow. BC or BP before prison. BZ
is like two different mentality. So before prison, I was really wrapped up in material things. I would like be on the new JS. It just came out. Like I had no, I had to look a certain way when I left the crib, I wanted to be in the popular crowd. Like all those things mattered to me. If it was something popping, I wanted to be a part of it.
Now I'll be honest. Like, I really don't give a damn about none of it. As you can see, like who walks away from a number one spot at a number one station when they are like that person in that city, I just, I'm not attached to it anymore. That ain't to say that I don't want a nice big house [00:21:00] and I don't still like nice things and I don't still go grab sneakers when they come out, but I'm not going to buy them like.
When I went to the, I literally lost it all. Like everything. Yeah. If you've actually had experience that a lot of people don't yeah, yeah. Like that's, that's a big loss. It wasn't just items I lost or a house I lost. Like I lost my kids. So, and being in prison shows you who you are, you know, damn who everybody else is.
It shows you who you are, who you are, what you're made of. So as I'm sitting in a cell remembering like the days where I'd be walking to the street and people would be yo beep beep in the horns. And like I was that girl haven't had mail, like what happened? So it made me realize that my stock was in the wrong thing and I was putting value in people, places and [00:22:00] things that were disposable.
And so now my mentality after prison is. My stock is in God and the things that he wants from me again, that doesn't mean I'm perfect. As you could see us still cuss, it gets worse than that on the customer level. I'm being nice.
We appreciate it. It's all good. Yeah. I'm imperfect, but I'm after God's heart by best. The truth I really am after is I want to make sure that I'm doing the right thing. And because I've read the stories. I won't say I know God, because I think every time you think, you know, God, there's like some secret compartment that you've not discovered yet as a surprise.
But I'll say that I know enough to know that if I lean into him and I put my trust in him and I'm only attached to him, the things he wants for me, then I'm always be all right out here. So, so that's kinda where I'm at now. Like I like [00:23:00] having friends. I hope I have friends, always, if I don't. Yeah.
Who gives a damn I like, you know, being able to love someone in a romantic way and to be able to be married we'll happily ever after. But if God decided that I shouldn't, I light goes on, you know, like, and it's, it sounds kind of cold, but the truth is. If we start to value these relationships and these things more than we value our relationship with God, then we really don't have anything.
Anyway. It's all, you know, it's a Mirage. That's true. Exactly. So, could you, could you explain for our audience a little bit, how you got into your to your current, your current understanding of things? Because I know I didn't start off with it because I didn't want to, I just want to talk about you and what was going on with you in the past year, but you've written an autobiography and also you have a short book and poems that you've put together as well.
That really let people get into your, your formative years, your, your growth [00:24:00] to the, from where you were to the person you are now. So, man, it is one heck of a tale. And of course we don't want you to give the whole book away, but would you tell us a little bit about your journey from where you were to where you are now?
Well I think to sum it up in a couple of words, I was broken and I'm healed. So I think, I think it's pretty much as the premise and that's the story growing up, you know, my mom raised me and my mom was broken. You know, my mom had some things, she was battling herself and I don't know that mom ever healed from those things.
So as a result of her parenting, you know, what was a result of, of what she knew and who she was. So her and I had a very volatile relationship and I was horrible. Like I was, I was just bad, bro. Like I wasn't going to school. I would go to school, beat somebody up and said that they did something to me, had the NAACP involved, all kind of that.
I was just making stuff for the reckless. I was causing like walk outs at the school. I would create like a whole [00:25:00] bruh had the whole school right inside. So we can same time. Cause we was demanded something. I don't even remember that. Well, we would demand power. I was doing all kind of mess and you know, started selling weed and then went for, I dropped out of high school.
I ended up getting pregnant at six. I got pregnant at 15 and my daughter is 16. I was in detention center while pregnant ended up kind of just aging out of foster care. I got, you know I forget the word for it, but that's 17. I was on my own. So I ended up starting a hustle, started selling drugs, selling we selling crack robbing people.
But I, I was, I was crazy, bro. Like, I mean the stuff that I did just I'll be so fearful that my kids do similar things. Cause you know, the Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. So I ride them so hard cause I'm like, I know you cause I know me. And it's weird because I've always had a really big heart, but something [00:26:00] that makes pain really cold. Yeah. Yeah. You seem like a very, a very caring person and a very cool person to be around. But like, like you said, what, the thing that made you cold, it pushed you to that those axes or being, having to do that may have been first about whatever it is.
Of course you break it down a little bit more in the book and whatnot, but like, what is, what is, what was that thing? I think it was pain. I think it was hurting. I think I was hurting as a kid. Not having a good relationship with my mom, not knowing my father and having a relationship with him. I didn't meet him until I was a teenager by then.
I was already pregnant and we didn't have a good relationship. And so I was in my twenties. I think I was always looking for love because I didn't feel it. I never knew how to, I never felt loved as a child. And even those that didn't love me. I didn't know how to feel it. So because my definition of love was twisted.
I felt like I never was loved. So all growing [00:27:00] up there was just this pain. I didn't believe in God. I heard a God. I knew there was a God that my grandma talked about in my uncles, talks about my grandfather was a pastor, but I felt like they were crazy for a praying to this imaginary magic man who watched me, you know, get knocked out as a kid who had me living in these circumstances.
If there's really a God that you talk about, then why am I living like this? That's how I felt. So I just, I was hurting. And I think, because I didn't know how to communicate effectively with my feelings where I didn't know how to process emotions and deal with those things. I turned her into anger so that anger came out every way it could, whether it be me being sexually promiscuous or popping pills, smoking weed, and getting drunk every night.
Robin folks selling drugs, poisoned the community. Like I did all those things out of pain. And what I thought was survival. Cause then [00:28:00] I thought those were my only choices. I think even now it's hard for people in certain communities to see that there is, there is a different kind of life out there that exists because you don't see it.
Cause I, I didn't know. I didn't know. We would like see things that say that's my car or that's my house, but we didn't really believe that could be our car. That could be our house. Like I thought I was destined to the projects I was destined to the trailer park. I didn't know other options existed until I was sitting in a prison cell.
And decided that I would give God a chance that, that little glimmer of hope I found hope. I didn't have hope my whole life pain had kind of suppressed hope. So all I was dealing with was pain. And I think once I started to heal from that pain and I started to go to therapy, cause I went to years of mental health therapy.
I started to go to therapy to do spiritual healing. [00:29:00] I did the work. So I think that was the difference. There's no, there's no like big secret it's we all have shit for lack of better words. We all have shit. That we deal with that we all have shit from our childhoods. We all have trauma, you know, that we gained throughout the years, growing up, we all have experiences that have made us and created us to be these people.
And it's like bags. So we've added just bags and bags and bags and bags and bags. So by the time we're 25 years old, we're double beds. We got suitcases, we got treasure damn Fanny tacks. We got, you know, we're carrying trauma from every different Avenue and we're just doing our best to keep walking down the street and not look like, be hunched over, you know, we're doing our best to carry it.
And I think when you get to the point where you realize it's okay to start on packing that shit, then you win. [00:30:00] You know, it's okay to open up a bag that might make you cry. You know, that might make you relive something that you want to forget happened. But you have to open that bag. You have to begin unpacking it.
You got to get the stuff out of the bag in order to take the bag off and leave it somewhere. And I think that's what I started doing. I started unpacking those bags and it, it was painful. So I'm not, you know, I'm not going to be here. Like, yo, I just took the bag off, throw it in the trash, boom, better.
That's not what happened. I took the bag off. And when you take the bag while I'm packing the bag, you cry, you start having nightmares sometimes. Cause you're remembering things. So it's a painful thing to go through. But on the other side of that is healing and that is that's the key to the best days of your life.
So I think that that's been the difference in my life is that I've done the work to heal. That doesn't mean that I don't still have my days. You know, there are still days that, you know, I have nightmares and I can't sleep at night from [00:31:00] experiences that, you know, I went through in my former life. There are still, you know, some days that are better than others because I'm still, you know, I'm, I'm healed, but I'm still a person that's experienced those things.
So healing is not a magic wand. I think it's a lifelong journey, but it gets better as you continue to put the work in. Well, that's what I'm talking about. I always love him. I love hearing good stories. I love seeing what outcomes are like. I always tease, man. I have no problem with Disney movie endings. I like things to end that well, so man, that's your, your story is remarkable.
And I want to, if you could explain to people, like when was the first time that you realized that you had a choice in how to address the traumatic experiences that you were going through? Because I know you were harping on that point in its own. It is the realest point ever to understand you got a choice.
Like when did you understand you had a choice over what was going on? I think. [00:32:00] I don't know. I don't know. I think that was, that was part of the journey too, because at first it wasn't that I realized that I had a choice at first it was another realization that I didn't have a choice because I came home from prison and I was on five years of specialized probation, which meant if I failed a urine, if I got a speeding ticket, if I got in any trouble at all, I was going back to prison for five years.
So coming home to that was like, bro, you don't got no choice, but to try to do this the right way, or you might as well just sign your dusty. Because one thing I knew was I wasn't going back to jail. So in my mind I was even going to do this right. Or I was going all the way out and I was going to end up losing my life because I was going to go, you know, I was just going to throw shade to the winter.
So I knew I had tried everything. All my life. I had just done what I wanted to do and [00:33:00] followed what I felt and that wasn't always good. Like if, if I felt like booking, I was going to book. If I felt like taking something, I was going to take it. If I felt like hustling, I was going to hustle. Like I just, I did all the wrong things all my life.
And I wasn't, I wasn't afraid of anything. There was no consequences that scared me. There was no person that made me shimmy. Like, it was just I'm doing this. Cause that's what I said, I'm gonna do it. What, who wants stop me? You know? So when I came home, it was like, I should try to do it the right way. I just felt like I had never tried that.
Like, I've never tried. I never tried hard at nothing. Like even in school, they tried to move me into gifted classes because I was really intelligent, but my mom was like, nah, let's leave her where she's at. And she was right. Cause.
I just, I wasn't going to apply. I wasn't gonna apply myself. It felt like work. And I had been so accustomed to being able to [00:34:00] do the least and survive. If that makes sense. Like, you know, it, it it's, you get a different quality of life when you actually put effort into it. So I think coming home, I began to put effort into the right thing and it was hard.
Like it was hard to lose your job and not go back to selling crack. When somebody's offering you an ounce for free, that's a hard decision to make. Ooh, I had to make that decision in the parole office parking lot, you know, I just lost my job. I'm going to tell my PO I leave the POS office and somebody's standing there.
Where did it give me a house, a Coke. And I ain't got to give him no money back. That's almost that's dumping. Yeah.
You know, I had to say, bro, I'm cool. No, I wasn't cool. No one had just lost my job. I ain't got no money. I don't know what I'm gonna do to survive because really, I, I ain't never did this the right way before. And then here you go, popping up at my car, offering me some crap. If I was, [00:35:00] if I wasn't in my mind, right.
Frame of mind, I might've thought it was a blessing. Yeah, that's a test. That's a test, indeed. This is a test. So, you know, I, I think along my journey, there were always things like that. You know, I try as I tried to continue to change and it's still today, like there are times where stuff happens and I'm like, bruh, I should just punch you in the face, but I can't put you in the face because it's not the right thing.
And God is directing me to be a different type of person. But there are still tests all the time where something, or somebody pops up and says, Hey, remember who used to be. And you literally fight to who you used to be. And I think that's a, that's a decision I make daily. And I think that we all have those decisions to make.
Are we going to tap into who we are at our best? Are we going to tap into who God really created us to be? Or are we going to give in to being [00:36:00] whoever the world will accept us as because I mean, the world's going, the world's going to welcome you with open arms, no matter who you are, the world don't give a damn what you do or who you become.
Just look at, look at the facts. People die people more than, than people post them. And then next thing you know, they're not even mentioned anymore. So are we going to kind of succumb to the way that the world moves, where they'll accept anything from us, we can be whatever dysfunctional shit we want to be.
And it's okay because everybody's dysfunctional and we're comfortable there. Or are we going to push through that extra layer of ourselves to tap into the divine energy that we're made of? Because we're made in Christ's image. So it's there, but we've got to fight to get to it. And that's a decision that I made when I came home, that I was going to continue every day to try to fight.
Doesn't mean I'll always succeed. Doesn't mean I'll be perfect, but there's a decision made every day to try to [00:37:00] be more like the woman that God created me to be. And my goal is in my final days for God to have said, you know, well done, you really did your best. I know you slept up here and I heard your mouth on some of those, but I already knew that's what you was going to do.
Cause I know who you are. You've done your best.
Man. So, man, what are some words of wisdom you'd like to share with our audience about how to deal with difficult situations? I know that's something that seems to be paramount in your every day. Like you were just talking about you can't be perfect on all those encounters with difficult situations, but, but doing your best and putting your best foot forward, it gives you a pretty good balance outcomes.
Would you say? Yeah, I think, I think we have to not think about the outcome because I think if we do things, because we think that there's a prize at the end of it, then we're [00:38:00] disappointed at the prize that we expected is not there. So it's kind of like, like I got kids and my kids would often say to me, like, I don't do the, if you do this, then this.
If you get straight A's, then we'll do this. I've never done that because I feel like it sets you up for disappointment, because then you think every time you do something good, you're supposed to get something and that's not like, so I think that if we live our lives with the expectation of ultimately heaven, that's it.
Because in this world, in this world, you might not get rewarded in this world. You might actually just struggle. You might job it all the way out. You might have to go through, you know, not in a torment the whole time you're here on this earth. The good thing about that one day you will expire. That's guaranteed one day, you're going to die.
It's going to happen. So [00:39:00] I don't look at it like. You know, I try not to don't get me wrong. I'm still fleshy. So I still think, well, I'm being good. So the blessing is going to come. You know, that's still a part of me, but at the, of me, at my core, I understand that I might not get nothing but a seat next to Christ in the end.
And if that's all I get that's enough, understand that. I think, I think it, it gives life a different perspective. You know, you might struggle through this life. You might, you might have a cold winter with no heat in the crib. You might have to figure out what you're going to eat every day. You might not, never be loved the way you want to be loved on this earth.
Like, I don't think that having a relationship with God guarantees you the best life ever. Sometimes it guarantees you the opposite because the world is not going to receive. So there's, there's no, there's no [00:40:00] way to, there's no perfect plan, no prescription to manipulate the outcome of what you're going to get on this earth, but a relationship with Christ and, you know, being obedient to his word does guarantee you a seat next to him in heaven.
And I think that's what our goal should be. Okay. So when, how would you put this Do you think like one of the issues that we deal with in our community, because that's, for some folks that, that understanding and that ability to keep your, your mental focus there. Of course, for all of us, we aren't perfect.
We are going to fall short of the grace of God, but do you think the ability to sell, not to sell it, but to allow people to see it as something that is fruitful as a positive thing? Because I know in our community, a lot of the big part of the reason why folks choose pathways that can be destructive to them, or because those pathways of [00:41:00] course gives you what people call quote unquote, a good life.
So is, do you think a good life can be found and keeping on that pathway that you found after you been through your journey? I mean, I do. I'm unemployed right now and I'm on my Mac book with internet service and it's plugged into a wall that has electric and I ate,
I think so now I don't got to may back out front, you know, I don't have lions roam in the backyard, but I think it's about what you want, you know? Like what are your expectations from life? I'll tell you when people say I have people from back in the day, that'll message me and say, Oh my God, I'm so proud of you.
You're so successful. And I cringe because what are you calling success? The picture that I posted with the celebrity is that what success means to you, because to me successful is for the first time in my life, I'm at [00:42:00] peace, that success, because that you can't buy, you have all the money in the world and still be miserable.
You have all the fame and still be miserable and be so for me, success is being at peace. Like I feel peaceful and I think that's something that I never had growing up. I was always, there was always some form of torment. I always felt like I was in a whirlwind and now it, to me, you know, like the skies are cleared and the Caesar calm, then that's, you know, that's what I was after I was after peace of mind and a life that felt good to live.
And that's where I'm at. So I think that following God may not. I mean, I like to hope that we'll all, you know, have riches and that if we follow God and we believe in [00:43:00] God, he will not only provide us our needs, but also our once. But biblically, we know that that doesn't always happen. No most of the Kwan, there's a reward on the other end of that.
But sometime that reward isn't given. And so, you know, you've expired. So there's just, you know, I know that it will be a better life as, as a follower of Christ. I can guarantee you that because you'll have peace with whatever situation you're in. And I have the, I agree with being strongly on that piece, outweighs a lot of other things that are sold to us out here.
And I don't know, I spent, again going back to where our people are right now and the world being able to get people to, to have peace, especially right. It's hard to do, but the piece, like you said, that's a goal that I think it could it should outweigh and it should be able to sell and have people understand that that's the way you should run.
But moving forward [00:44:00] into. The rest of this year. Do you think that people will be able to find peace once things open up, do you think that's going to help them out? And not feeling trapped or inside because I know being a social animal we need to see people. I think the, the isolation that we've been going through has been causing the issue with people and their ability to keep peace and stay on a positive path.
How do you feel about that? I think that this pandemic has been kind of, two-fold one, it showed it's shown us our issues because we've had to be quiet and kind of be alone with ourselves. So we can't, we haven't been able to, you know, when you're busy and you're doing things and you're always moving and you're always working, you don't really know what your problems are.
Once you have to sit down and be by yourself for a while, you realize you might have some issues. I remember not being able to be alone. Like back in the day before [00:45:00] BP, before prison. I can never be alone if I was alone, I was drunk or high because I couldn't be alone with my thoughts. And now I can be, so I think that it's shown us that thing, like, Oh, Hey, you got some things you needed to work on because you're sitting at home going crazy right now because you can't be busy cause you can't fill your space with, you know, empty things.
But I think on the flip side of that, it's also allowed us to get back to things. I think people were praying and asking for things that the pandemic came with that we didn't really realize. So parents were wishing they had more time to spend with their children. Parents were raising their kids again, and this forced us into that.
You know, you're home with your kids. Homeschooling. You're getting to know your kids. You're spending more time with your kids. You asked for it. It didn't come the way you wanted it to come, but it's here. You know, marriages were wishing may have more time to spend together, wanted to get to know their spouse.
Again, felt like the love it had gotten lost. Well, now you in the crib 24 hours a day [00:46:00] who want another you at those things happened. I think it also helped us to take care of our bodies again. I mean, I started bike riding. I rode a bike since I was like 12, but my big self was on a melon bike, driving down riverfront.
You know, and I think, I don't know that I would actually did that. Like as ritually as I did, if it wasn't for the pandemic, because I was looking for a way to get out of the house, there wasn't anywhere to go. I couldn't be around anyone. So I went around my bike. I started, you know, taking vitamins. I never took vitamins before.
Now that that's the first thing I take after my thyroid medication in the morning. I ain't even you to, with every medication. So I just think it's taught us. Yeah. I think, I think it's taught us to it's, it's made us aware of the things we should have been doing all along. So it's been bad in the form of, you know, people have lost their lives and it's definitely changed some things and created a lot of loss here, but I think there've been some good things that we can get out of [00:47:00] this too.
And hopefully we can continue to take those things moving forward. So I hope that when the world opens back up, we don't get so busy that we forget the blessings that were given to us during the season. Okay. So you, yeah. So I don't know about you skip, I don't know if you agree with her. I don't want people to start rushing back into.
Quote unquote, getting in, being together with a bunch of strangers at all the times, I think they should take their time as well and take, like, make, make sure that they get this, this ingrained into them, that they do need to be a little slower. So guess a great man, I that's something I'm hoping that stays kind of the same.
I don't want people to be afraid because that's the one thing I don't know how you feel about that either. Easy. But do you think that there's been a lot of fear-mongering going on instead of, instead of how would you put it instead of just giving people good information and letting them make decisions like, like adults, do you think there's been a lot of attempt to keep people [00:48:00] afraid and, and close off from people.
I think that people fear what they don't know and we don't know nothing about his disease. We still don't know nothing. So I think, I think that's what it is. I think it's like. Oh shit. It's a scary monster. We never seen this monster before. And I think that that's what happened and you know, the media, I mean, I've worked in media.
I am media. Our job is to report what's going on. But when you have 52 different television stations and a hundred million radio stations reporting the same thing, it looks like you guys are really trying to scare the hell out of us when the truth is, they're all just reporting. You know, they're reporting the information they're getting, it just looks scary because it's coming at you from every direction all the time.
But yeah, I mean, I don't know. I don't, I don't think that they're trying to incite fear. I think that they're scared. [00:49:00] I was wondering, is it real, is it real or is it happenstance? You know, I'm just, like you said, Hey, they just happened to be saying the news or putting out what's, you know, what's out there or do you think there's a genuine, Hey, we gotta promote it.
Why? Because, you know, we're really afraid of it. I think that they're scared. I don't think that ideally no way in hell would the USA have wanted this pandemic to come in here. Not because they, you know, naturally just care about all of us, but  impact of the economy. That's the one thing that, you know, makes me if they don't care about anything, they care about that money.
They care about the impact that has on trade and, you know, the effect it's had on the economy. So I think they were scared. I don't think they knew what it was. And I think, like I said, I think that we're a little inflated ego wise. I think we thought that things like this would never happen.
It was like tough. Not in [00:50:00] America, not in our country. We've got better air, you know, or whatever the case.
Yeah. I think it was still ego inflated. Okay. That's just one person will be fine. No way is this pandemic going to affect us? And then we realized that we're no greater than anyone else we've been completely effected and impacted. So I do. I think there's a fear cause I think it was no, that can't happen to me.
Oh shit. It's happening to me, you know, and everybody's panicked.
And so like, all right. And all right, dealing with that, we, we panicked, we had a big fear response, things contracted. It closes all socially from folks and the big thing. And especially you being immediate person, I want to talk about this, your thing. And like I said, is you're a communicator. You're a great communicator.
You talk to folks in different situations, from different [00:51:00] life experiences and whatnot. But you're also as you're a woman of God as well. So one thing about God is he doesn't want you to have fear. God doesn't want fear, fear. Isn't supposed to reside in the same place. So do you think that this fear that's going on?
It is real though, because like you said, in a sense of it being real, we don't have any information. So we feel what we don't know. Do you think that it is. How would you say not against, but in opposition to what you should be feeling during a time like this? If you're a God-fearing person, I don't know.
That's a trick question because I think naturally it's a, that's a fear is a natural response, something. So I think what Shirley, you know, somebody says, Hey, just want to let you know this virus that we've never heard of before never dealt with it before it's killing people, but don't be scared like that.
You know, that's not, that's not a human [00:52:00] reaction. So I think naturally our instinct is to fear it. You know, I fear change anywhere. If you tell me right now, we about to go to video something in me is going to say shit video. Okay.
So that I think, I think naturally you would fear it, you know, it's unknown and it's scary. It is. I think once you get through that, You are supposed to walk with faith, but I think you also have to trust what God has put in position here. So if you know, there are different sciences that say, well, if you wash your hands, the likelihood of you getting it is reduced, then yes, we have faith in God.
That all will be well. But we also have to trust scientists that say, wash your hands because you know, God created science. It's just like created you. So I think that we, we trust, you know, w the immediate fear is natural, but also trying to trust what [00:53:00] God has put in place to assist us through this as well.
Yeah. Cause that's a, you can't trust them. When you turn on your light, you trust that the electric is not going to catch the house on fire. There's something to flush out. Yeah, that's a no, because like you said, the, the creation of the science does come from that source. So can you, can you, Kim sign late, this is a big thing right now, especially because of this is the whole thing of God and science.
Can they exist at the same time, especially when you're dealing with something that is that affects such a large, you know, fixed the entire world is being bought into front and center. So I just want to ask you about that and see how you were being affected by that, by that that thought process at that paradigm.
That's how there,
the the, the whole, the faith in God, but also faith in science, because like you said, the science comes from people who, of course. They get their [00:54:00] information in sexual. We get our intellect and I believe this from God. That's how we understand and learn new things and discover things. But there has been a break between those two because you have some folks.
And I understand this because I work at Lexington medical center and I deal with a lot of folks who come in every day who have no belief in what COVID is, or that it's even real, but they're extremely, they may. And they external is that they're God-fearing people. And that's the reason why they don't believe in COVID and I'm like that doesn't make any sense to me.
So that's something that I have to deal with every day. And I think it's a weird paradigm, a thought process because the one thing actually leads to the other. So you shouldn't at all I guess oppose them or have them be separated. And I didn't know how you felt about that idea. That's why yesterday.
Well, I think, I think sometimes we can, we can be a little bit too woke. I think you can't, you can't, you have to pick a side. So you can't say, I don't believe there [00:55:00] is this illness. I don't believe in science, however, I'm driving a car that somebody in science helped create using lights that, that, that science somehow helped create eating food that has been mechanically altered, you know, or, you know, hormones have changed just there.
There's so much that we rely on that is scientifically based. So you're picking the one that you don't believe. Now that doesn't mean that I'm telling everybody to go get a vaccine, because I think we also have to use a common sense for me. My mom has taken the vaccine. I don't not my mom taking the vaccine works in emergency in the emergency department.
She's based. COVID you know, like head on. So I don't know what that feels like if my mother feels like she needs to take a COVID vaccine in order to feel more protected by all means, that's what she should do. I, however, am not taking the COVID vaccine. I won't say I'm never taking it. I [00:56:00] will say it's a little soon for me.
And so, you know, you don't know about the, the virus. I don't know how we can know about beating the virus. So that makes me a little uncomfortable, but that doesn't mean that I don't believe in the science of it. I do believe that there are sciences that that will come up with something that can beat this.
I'm just a little uncomfortable with taking it right now. So I don't think that if you believe in God, you shouldn't believe in science. I think that God created everything. You know, so that's just like, I'll go to the doctor. I have thyroid disease. So I trust that when I go to the doctor, the doctor knows more about my thyroid disease than I do.
I trust that when the doctor gives me medication or a diet regimen or whatever to do, I trust him because he knows more about that than I do. That doesn't mean that I don't believe in God. That doesn't mean that I don't have faith in Christ. That means that I have faith. That Christ also gave me this doctor, that he also led me to this doctor's office for this blood work, [00:57:00] that he also had me in good hands regarding my health.
So I think, you know, that's what I think. I think, you know, you have faith in Christ. We also have faith that Christ has put people in position to be able to help you on this earth. Exactly. I agree that totally. I just want to listen to, to hear a perspective like that so they could see that there is a, there's a bridge between the two and you don't have to, like I say, throw the baby out with the bath water, choose one and not the other.
It is completely in a related all the way through I have another question going onto a lighter, lighter note. And I know we talked about radio a little bit, but where do you, how do you feel about where radio is going at the moment? And do you think now, especially after Kobe and the fact that they, I said they shrunk miss stations and the stations are still with running stuff.
Where do you think it's going? Do you think it's going to be a mainly internet based item? Or do you think that there will still be brick and mortar radio stations out here? Broadcast and specifically from a location?
 I think both. [00:58:00] I think that radio is a business, just like any other business and businesses are created to make money. So I think that radios have radio companies have realized that they can make more money if they can streamline their stations. Meaning one person in Philly works at 52 stations throughout the country.
So in that way they saved money by only employing one person and, you know, are able to make more money as a business. So I think that that will happen first. I think that has already happened. If you look at you will get people like I heard and watch what they're doing because usually other companies will follow suit.
So I think that's, what's going to happen at first. I think that the local radio stations will begin to be more and more, you know, non-existent. And it will sound like internet radio, and pretty much essentially be that. So internet [00:59:00] stations will be able to compete, you know, if they can, if they can give quality content.
I think the internet stations will eventually be able to compete with radio stations because they're taking away the localized factor, which is the thing that made radio radio to me. Growing up, I loved being able to see the personalities in the community. I love being able to turn on the radio and hear a personality, say yo, on, you know, a hundred and whatever street today, I saw this person nobody's going to be able to do that moving forward.
It's going to be so generalized. It's pretty much, it's going to be music with ads and that's internet radio. So I think that, but I also think that when, when we get full fledged there. Where all the companies are pretty much streamlined in this same recipe for radio. Somebody is going to jump out and say, I'm bringing it back local.
And that's going to change [01:00:00] things because no matter how you see it, we're human beings feel right. That's what makes us different from a chair. We feel so. Yes, we love radio. Yes, music is the star. But the truth of the matter is when you can get into people's homes and hearts, you can get into their pockets.
Let's just be real. So, because radio is a business they're focused on making money. They're going to streamline this in a way to save money, but somebody is going to realize that if we can put people back on those blocks, if we can have people back in the community, if we can have people talking. Back about what's going on and what's important to those people locally, then those people are going to fall in love all over again with, with those people, you know, with that radio station.
Cause it's the same music, but now I got people on there. They care about me. I have people [01:01:00] on there that, that see my kids at school that I saw at Walmart yesterday. And I think that's going to be the difference. So I do think it's going to change, but I think it will slowly begins to change back. That's a good answer, man.
And yeah, you being an insider and actually understanding how that works. That makes sense. And that was one of my big, big things. We used to do a little internet radio thing and I always thought it was funny because all it was was just the music playing and then them throwing an a and I'm like, I don't think that's quite attractive, but I've seen radio.
Moving that way for awhile. I'm just surprised because the thing is people still drive cars. And that's the one thing about driving cars and being areas you want to go someplace and get it, the flavor of the place you turn on a local radio station so they can see what's going on, where people are moving in, et cetera.
So I hope that does stay around because I'm a radio fan. I'm not going to lie. Like I listen to the radio. I'm I'm on my phone to make sure I'm paying attention to what's going on. But you are also, and this is a, this is another light question, but [01:02:00] I know you have done many interviews in your career who would be on your Mount Rushmore of people to interview.
If you can interview anybody, any, any time anybody who's alive or did what, you know, one to four people, would you like to interview?
 Dead, probably Jesus and Tupac.
Maybe. Yeah. If I had to pick four dead Jesus Tupac, Marilyn Monroe and Bob Marley. So those would be my four dead. My one alive will be Jamie that's deep. That's deep. That's a good list, man. Why would you want, why would you want those four? What's the, what's the reasoning. Of course I can understand Jesus.
What's the reasoning without well I think Tupac, I just, I enjoy Tupac's perspective on things and I would like to know after death, did you really think big, cute, you know, killed you? Did you really think big had something to do with your death? Like what, what, what really went down? I [01:03:00] would want to know those things and I would want to know what he thinks about, you know, today and today's music.
I just think he'd be an interesting conversation. Pop was definitely an intellectual and he always had something to say about something. So I think it would be a good interview. And Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe was really pained. And I think as beautiful as she was, and as iconic as she was, I think she dealt with a lot of demons and I think she had had a lot of healing to do.
And I just wonder if, you know, in hindsight, if it wasn't cool to get therapy back then, if somebody hadn't invested in her and saw her beyond her beauty, if the outcome would've been different for her. So I just like to have a conversation with her kind of, to, you know, try to bring those things to the surface in hopes that, you know, resting peacefully would be the angle.
And then Bob Marley, because I mean, that's just, I would just want to be in a room with him. Well, we don't even got to talk. I just think that he had [01:04:00] like this supernatural energy about him and it like it exuded peace, you know, peace, happiness. And just like, I don't know. I just, I would, I would want to be in the room with that kind of energy.
It seems like, you know, like I said, the peace thing is big fee, so I kind of, I could see that, that makes sense just to be around his vibe and understand just to, yeah. Just to feel that energy and see that calmness, because I've never seen him ever displayed or represent it in a way that is not that, unless it was righteous indignation as a light to call it unless he was fighting for the rights of the people.
But yes, yes. I'm gonna give that one as, as on point. Before we wrap up today, I do want to ask if at all, if you have anything you'd like to share with our audience about things that you would like them to go check out things that you may have upcoming or any like parting words you have for them to help them.
Because again, you are also you're a motivational speaker. Anything [01:05:00] that you could leave at our guests, but also, man, this is your time to promote and listen to what's going on with you. Yeah, I got the book out convicted the BZ baby story. It's everywhere. Amazon, Amazon will let you read some of it before you buy it.
So you can go there and read a couple of chapters and read the reviews and then purchase if you'd like, I'd like, but you know, if you'd like I'm working and on some other things as well. I really don't. I don't think I should speak on them yet, but I'm working on some other things. And you know, I do do motivational speaking engagements.
I'm not cool with being in a room with like hundreds and thousands of people right now. Just because even if there's no threat, my anxiety will make me feel there is so it's not going to work out. Right. But virtual stuff can always reach out BZ And I don't know, I really, I think, I don't know if there were lasting words to leave with people.
I would just say, get to God. Cause I think that that's kind of the solution for everything else. You know, I would say, figure out who you are, find your purpose heal from the [01:06:00] things you, you know, are, are, you know, dealing with. But the truth is if you get to God, then it like spiders off from there. So once you get to God, you discovered that there are, there's some healing you need.
Once you get to God, you realize who you're supposed to be in him, you find your purpose. So I think the root of it all is get to God and that's going to look different for everybody. You know, some people say, I can't read the Bible. I don't understand it, me, me, this, this bruh, but there is a battle for the message and the message is so much easier to understand.
Like they almost use Ebonics. I'm kidding, but you know, it's, they break it down really easily. So read your Bible. And even if you're not into reading the Bible right away, just start praying, talk to God. Like you talk to anybody else. Like I legit will be in the car and be like, yo, God, I'm like this close.
Please help me. Cause I'm about to snap, you know, like I have conversations with him, like he's sitting right there because all that though, there are there now, but he [01:07:00] knows I'm not walking around and talking like that. So I'm not sure I put on for guy, because he's going to sit there like this is, this is this one right now.
So, you know, I think having a conversation with Christ Christ is literally your best friend, meaning, you know, the way that you talk to your friends, you, you know, you need to have some reverends of course have a little respect when talking to him, but you be yourself and, and start those conversations.
Cause it's just like any other relationship. If you, if you want to, BU you see the bull on Instagram, they find you start out, like it picks. You might like 12 picks in a row. So they see you liking. Now you might shoot a little DM. My slab from the DM to a date, my goal from the date to a little time at the crib.
Next thing you know, y'all paced in a relationship with the ultimate goal of marriage is the same thing with Christ. You start off slow, you know, start off a little baby steps, little prayers. If you got to start off with the, now I lay me down asleep joint, just start out with, with a prayer. [01:08:00] And then that prayer increases the conversation.
Those conversations make you hungry for the word. And then you end up in the Bible. And next thing you know, you're a full fledged Christian in here. And again, that doesn't mean you're perfect. Doesn't mean you won't go have, you know, a shot of Jack in the bar. It just means that, you know, you're, you're after God's heart and you believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins.
So in, in those ways, you know, that's my encouragement. Just, I think that there's peace and happiness found by having a relationship with him. So that's, that's my advice. He gets it. Man. That's beautiful. It is maybe with the word skip. Is there anything you'd like to add before we finish up today? No. I think everything, I think it was a beautiful interview.
Like I said you were always somebody that was always of some interests. And just like getting to talk soon, just to getting to know a little bit more about your story. Cause I've always heard about your story just from other people that I know that know you. And I think like I said, it was just, like I said, it was just a great opportunity to just to have you up here and [01:09:00] stuff and we definitely look forward.
So I'm of course I'm supporting you as an author as well. And just any other projects that you work on. So we're definitely going to be in touch and we're definitely gonna be continuing to follow, follow you and support you.
No problem. Mean, we appreciate you. You actually coming on here for us because we're a fledgling podcast. We're just starting off your seventh episode. So we've been going through the little ups and downs, trying to figure out how to do things properly and whatnot. And you are a polished professional. So it's nice having folk on like that who can give us a little bit of understanding, but we can also follow behind you and see what and how you handle your business.
So but with that being said I like to say happy Saturday to everybody. Always like to say happy, whatever the day is. Cause I'm always happy about being alive. Everybody have a blessed Saturday and this is the Hilltop podcast, the Hilltop globe podcasts. We'll get back at you next time, please.